Excel solutions

Repetitio est mater studiorum, as the ancient Romans said.

But is this also true when we are repeating the same, boring task day-by-day?

All of our clients use some version of Microsoft Excel for trading. This is the most widely used analytical tool on Earth for the time being. But V-Energy noticed that most of our clients do not understand the full potential of this software. Several clients are repeating the same steps, without automatisation. One click of the mouse might save several hours of work. This would help to motivate your staff – no more moring, daily tasks, time saved for doing real work.

To get to automatisation, the first step is to recognize what steps are repeating (whether hourly, daily or per trade) and to design an algorithm for such tasks.

V-Energy have over 15-years of experience with MS Excel. Our specialty excel services are as follows:

  • Automatisation of Excel processes using Visual Basic for Applications
  • Preparing and testing of industry specific algorithms
  • Preparation of Excel add-in services
  • POWER Query, POWER BI services

The Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications is a well-known aspect of the software. This can help to further enhance the already well-known potential of Excel. As a result, V-Energy can design an algorithm that would serve (almost) any individual need of its clients.

Here is a concrete example

Let’s assume that one set of data is to be submitted to the management each month. The table would get inputs from the same fields of the same excel sheets. Some clients would spend time and money on copy + paste such data each month; while the V-Energy clients would sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee and let automatisation do the work. It is not only faster, but more reliable, than human data copying.

Do you wish to reform the way you work?

Each industry has its own algorithm requirements. It is the same in energy trading. For example, spark spread calculation requires electricity, gas and EU Allowance (CO2) price inputs, plus a conversion factor. Why repeat the same calculation daily, when an algorithm can do all the work for you. V-Energy is advising its clients how to create such special Excel solutions.

Given that usually multi-member teams work with the same data base, it might be practical to create user-specific, individual add-ons. V-Energy have experience is creating such products.

Few clients are familiar with the Microsoft new Power function. New in the sense that this software is just being rolled out world-wide. Power Query is for those clients who are working with massive data bases day in, day out. This new feature is highly recommended – it is converting Excel into a data-base manager. Power BI is for those clients who are working with data visualisation. It has the same engine as the Power Query, but this add-on has extra visual capabilities. For example, for management reporting (such a basic task in the 21st century) Power BI can make all difference between a normal report, and an easy-to-visualise report. V-Energy had been working with both add-ons for a while. If you wish to test the new capabilities of Excel, please contact us.